Wedding Photo Booth


Wedding Photo Booths are all the rage at these days, and why not! Playing with props is so much fun and a great way to entertain your guests, and the photos give your guests an extra special memento from your wedding day.

At Elle Jones, we do the Wedding Photo Booth a little bit differently, we’ve had a good old look at photo booths and we’ve taken all the best bits and got rid of all the flaws.

We all know it’s not much fun to stand in a cue and it’s certainly a party killer when half the guests disappear to stand in a queue for a photo booth!

So we have got rid of the queue and we bring the booth to you!

We also looked at quality of the images made by a lot of photo booths and we were really disappointed in the results. How many of your guests will cherish their memento when the photo makes them look awful?!

We use our 5Dmark2’s and take all the photos manually so we can pose your guests and get them all looking gorgeous!

Think of our take on the Wedding Photo Booth as photography entertainment for your guests, choose from our great range of props and chalk boards, and we will circulate with them and take the fun to your guests. Highly entertaining for everyone!

And if you do decide you want to set up a specific space as a booth, thats fine too, we have everything to create a fabulous funky boudoir for your guests to play in.

The wedding photo booth is a great filler between wedding breakfast and evening do and the reading all the chalk board messages afterwards will have you welling up and howling with laughter; a wonderful keepsake of all your guests and their unique personalities.

For more information on the booth or our packages, give us a call on 01524 555789 or drop us an email at