Wedding Albums


A wedding album is like a story book, only this book tells the most magical story you will ever read- Your wedding story!

Our wedding albums begin by setting the scene, introducing the main characters and then little by little they unfold your story until we reach a whirl wind of dancing and fun and everyone living happily ever after!

And as with your photography, we make your album a unique reflection of you! Your wedding album is going to be around for a very long time, so we have hand picked a stunning choice of quality press printed books and traditional photo albums for you to choose from.

In our press printed books we do not use templates. Every wedding album is designed by hand to ensure the best combination and presentation of images. Unlike many photographers who will only put one or two images on a page, we will put as many as 12 images on some pages, ensuring all the important people are in and really giving a feel for the day.

We work alongside a very talented illustrator, and if you wish, she will draw key elements from your wedding, which we use to create a 100% unique wall paper for your pages backdrop (we’ve even joked that we could print this as real wallpaper too it looks so good!).

Our traditional albums are also laid out by hand, we order our stunning signature metallic prints and mount your album ourselves, again ensuring the best story layout and best combination of images.

The best way to get the look and feel of our albums though is to come and look at them and feel them! Why not give us a call and come in for a coffee?..We might even throw in a biscuit or two as well! 01524 555789.


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