Professional Photographer for the Business Network Diary



Before I started up as a professional photographer, I was an avid visual diarist. I have literally hundreds of books bursting with photos that record my life from my teens to my early thirties; page upon page of frozen moments in time.IMG_0303

Now, six years into life as a professional photographer, I don’t have quite the time luxury I had back then, but I have found myself in a new roll that quenches this fascination. I have become the resident photographer for the Lancaster and South Lakes Business Network. Each month I, or one of my assistants make a visual record of the meeting for Michelle Malkin’s blog.

They say a picture says a thousand words, and the thousands are in abundance over on Michelle’s blog; for the time poor surfers, these images are a great hook to get them to stay longer and read.

The Business Network Business Networkmeetings always start with an educational seminar, and in a nano second you can see the fascinating things Michelle has had going on in these seminars. Scroll through, you get a great flavour of the meetings and the buzz Michelle creates. And our occasional shots of the gourmet delights will give you a sense of the flavours we have been having too!

It is an interesting job to take on as a professional photographer as I have found networking to be an integral part of building my business. This takes networking to a whole new level though as I get to know the dynamic members of the group visually as well.

On a personal level I find a great satisfaction in seeing our monthly meet ups recorded for posterity… A bit of my diary is on Michelle’s Blog now… We Woz Ere!



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