Why a Professional Business Portrait?

I am often asked why bother with a Professional Business Portrait?

In a split second a photograph can tell us so much, as the saying goes “A picture says a thousand words”.

As a family portrait tells the story of it’s family, and a wedding image speaks of it’s wedding, a professional business portrait can tell us volumes about a business; how professional this business is, how careful, how creative, how united their team is, and the list goes on and on.

Your portrait is an extension of your image, and just as you probably wouldn’t go networking in your onesie if you wanted to be taken seriously, turning up on Linked In in your bermuda shorts in a piccie snapped on your last holiday does not project the image of the hard working professional that you are. More than that though, the image does not tell your clients anything about your business!

A professional business portrait is a true representation of you and your business. It is an image that you have complete control over. An opportunity for you to say exactly the right thousand words about you and your business. Think of it as a tool that gives you absolute control over the message you project out into the world.

Dawn Keyse

Dawn Keyse

I recently photographed the Lancaster homeopath Dawn Keyse who at the time she was promoting a new course that taught nutrition and homeopathy. We tailored her session so that she had images that not only showed her in a professional yet approachable light, but they also enhanced the message of her marketing. A great image is a powerful thing, it can provoke curiosity and encourage a reader to find out a bit more about you.

“I’m thrilled with the professional portraits that Eleanor has done for me. She really captured the image and brand I wanted…professional and polished whilst being approachable and wise. The portraits are a great addition to my marketing media.”  Dawn Keyse, Homeopath

And as with all my professional business portraits, I embedded Dawn’s portraits with key words to help with her search engine optimisation.

If you would like to find out more about having a professional business portrait made in Lancaster please give me a call on 01524 555789, alternatively I will be doing mini professional portrait sessions at Social Media for Women at the GHS in Preston on the 26th November. Come along and polish up on your Social Media skills and get yourself a great portrait too.

Dawn Keyse

Dawn Keyse

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