Photography experiments with Eggs

Photography Experiments 1:

The brief- To create at least 5 very different images of an egg.

I think it is really important to push the creativity when I teach a photography class, so I try to include something that is a little bit unusual in every class I teach. Something that will make my students think outside the box, experiment with their photography and loosen up and have fun with it. The goal is always to make the ordinary look extra ordinary.

Tonight we did photography experiments with eggs and found they offered plenty of photographic potential. The translucent shells looked amazing with lights shone through, and the smooth simplicity of the shape can be altered and explored so much with dramatic side or rim lighting. Once we had explored and photographed the outsides, the eggs were broken one by one and the yolk and white offered a whole new range of photographic possibilities…see the results!

To try this exercise you will need an egg and a small desk light; Anything goes, but here are some photography experiments you might like to try…

1. Work in a darkened room so your lighting is more dramatic. Light your egg with your lamp, and get on a level with it. Work your way around your egg noticing how the light fall is affected as you move round.

2. Experiment with over and under exposing and see how this affects your image.

3. Shine your light directly through your egg.

4. Crack your egg a little and experiment with the light fall again.

5. Experiment with your composition and where you put your egg within the frame and how you crop it, try having only part of the egg within the frame and see how this affects your image.

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