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Looking for inspiration? Ideas? Challenges? New directions to take your photography in? This online photography club could be just what you need!

The inspiration club sparked to life after a number of my evening class students, when completing my course, voiced their disappointment that they would no longer receive my homework and the challenges and inspiration it gave them in their photography. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut of just doing what you know, sometimes you need a little bit of a nudge to get out of your comfort zone and explore some new photography inspiration ideas.

As a member of the club you’ll be introduced to a new photographer every two weeks from a variety of genres. We’ll be looking at portraiture, landscape, still life, street, fine art photography and lots more. I’ll discuss each photographers inspiration ideas, style and give you insight into how the style has been achieved. Then I’ll give you a quick task to try out and a ‘homework’ for you to complete; a starting point to inspire your own work over the fortnight. You’ll have access to the Inspiration Club private Facebook page and private Pintrest page where you’ll be able to load your work up and converse with fellow club members.

The club is just £45 to join for the year, but the best bit is, if you choose to come on one of my day courses, your club membership will count as part payment, making the club completely free! Can’t say farer than that!

The beauty of Inspiration Club is you can work on it at what ever level of photography you are at. It is all about finding a creative starting point and exploring your photography, finding inspiration and ideas and trying something new.

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