Beginners Photography Course Lancashire

3Learn about ISO, aperture and shutterspeed through practical exercises

  •  Are you struggling to understand your new DSLR camera?
  •  Over whelmed with all the different functions?
  • Are you sometimes disappointed with photographs you take?

Perhaps your photos come out too dark even though you’ve had your camera on the auto setting? Or you would you like a better understanding of what your camera does and how you can take control of it?

Get Off Green is a day course in Beginners Photography in Lancaster, Lancashire that will take you back to the basics of working your camera. Forget about the dozens of settings your camera offers, underneath all of these the camera operates in the same way for every shot. On Get Off Green you will literally get off the green button and start working in manual or your money back!

On our Beginners Photography Course, you will learn how to take a meter reading and how to adjust your camera accordingly, you will learn about ISO, aperture and shutter speed. You will learn about your camera’s functions through fun, practical exercises that are designed to demonstrate each learning point in a way that is easy to understand and remember – no confusing, boring, undermining, technical jargon here!

Elle is a qualified teacher with 10 years experience teaching teenagers and adults, and thoroughly believes that we only really learn by doing so all her courses are very hands on and all theory is accompanied by visuals and practical exercises.

TestimonialsThrough out the day on Get Off Green, you will learn how ISO, Aperture and shutter speed combine to make your photograph and you will begin to learn about composition and how to build an image.

A day packed with information and learning.

  • Meter reading
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutterspeed
  • Composition

Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day to keep your brain power on full strength.

£95 for the day and you are guaranteed to be working in manual by the end of the day or a full refund.

With Beginners Photography Course Lancashire, the group is capped at just 5 delegates to ensure that you get plenty of help and advice throughout the day.

“Eleanor’s classes are great fun; she combines a mixture of technical photographic knowledge, insight into composition and image structure with practical exercises which break the theory into manageable chunks. The hands on examples are imaginative and constructive, I have been taking photographs for fifty years and I’ve learnt more in my classes with Eleanor than I would have believed possible!

David Little

Our next Get Off Green, Beginners Photography Course, will be held in Lancaster on 10th October. If you would like to find out more about this fab day, give us a call on 01524 555789,  fill out this form and we will get back to you as soon as we can, or visit our Eventbrite page and book on now.