One Day Photography Course Lake District

We are just back from another wonderful weekend walking in the woods and being ever so creative with our photography.

It might have been damp, but spirits were high when we all met at High Dam last Sunday morning for our one day photography course Lake District. We had introductions and then I very quickly had everyone warmed up with a series of creative photography exercises.

These one day photography courses are about loosening up, stopping being precious about image making and trying new ideas… it’s OK if they don’t work! And it is wonderful when they do! I teach in a very practical manor, so I set the tasks and then circulate the group giving 121 advice and answering individual questions.

After a few exercises to get our eyes in gear for the day we made our way up the hill to where a very beautiful little stream meets the path. Here I introduced the group to filters, neutral density filters and coloured filters. And then the sun came out, what more could we ask for!


When everyone had had their fill of making long exposure photographs of the stream, we set off again for the Dam, with a couple more creative exercises to complete on the way.

Low Dam gave us a stunning setting for our luxury picnic; tea, coffee and a wide range of artisan breads, cheeses, chutneys and pies. We filled our boots and found out a little more about each other and then it was off up to High Dam where I introduced the group to graduated filters and talked about composition techniques.

Then to finish off Hannah modelled for us in the trees giving us an opportunity to make some really creative portraits before we all strolled down the hill and popped to the lovely Lakeside Hotel for a well earned hot chocolate!

I run the Walk in the Woods, one day photography course lake district four times a year, giving delegates a chance to come back and make a seasonal portrait of this beautiful place. Each day includes creative exercises, tips on natural form, landscape and portrait photography, plus an added focus usually requested by those attending the course. This time it was an introduction to filters… next time it can be what ever you are wanting an introduction to!

If you would like more information on my courses, please drop me a line at, or give me a call on 01524 555789.


Here are some of the wonderful creations made by delegates on the day…

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