What to Look for when you book your Wedding Car… (Garter Extract)


I’m writing this months blog on the train from London, I’ve just had an amazing night photographing the Combined Attache Ball at the Dorchester hotel. Seventy six of the worlds nations were represented in full military regalia and national dress, it was beautiful! I was there to do candid photography at the start of the evening and then after dinner was over I brought out the frame and chalk boards to add a bit of fun to their formal event and create a really novel keepsake for all the guests.


Untitled-4It is probably fair to say that most brides have a vision of their ideal wedding car, so perhaps the most obvious way to find out if their ‘ideal car’ is available is to search the net. This will also give the bride and groom a flavour of what is available.

Having established the car you wish to book, naturally cost is a high priority. Costs can vary significantly and it is always worth getting two quotes, as up to two hundred pounds could easily be saved. In addition, a higher cost does not guarantee a better car or a better service. You will usually be asked fora non-refundable  booking fee at the outset. £50 is not unreasonable.

Always ask what the service includes. For example, we offer our Classic car chauffeur driven FREE if either our Vintage or Historic car is hired. This effectively means two cars for the price of one. The free car can be used for bridesmaids or family and with a large boot can accommodate all the ‘baggage’ of your bridal party. We come with full chauffeur presentation and offer a small bottle of sparkling wine to enjoy in the car.

Our experience is that the most firms simply put on a ribbon without any adornment. It is always worth asking who prepares the car(s). In our case my partner, Gill, prepares all our cars and takes great pride in the way they are turned out, ie not just ribbons but rosettes with touches of your chosen colour. In addition a large heart shaped flower arrangement adorns the rear of our Vintage car.

True vintage cars, ie made before 1930, are rare. So if you want a vintage car use the word ‘vintage’ when sourcing your car.

If possible, try and view the cars before you book. Photographs do not always give a fair impression of condition and size. You will need to know how many people the car(s) will hold and how much headroom and leg room is available.

Ensure there are no time constraints ie they don’t have to rush off to another wedding,  so that they give you their undivided attention. Also check that they hold public liability insurance cover.

The type of car you choose and the firm you hire can make a significant difference to your day. Your wedding day photo album can be dramatically enhanced by the right choice of car.





UntitledFear 5: How do I know you will understand my vision?

By the time your wedding comes around, you will have been planning it and thinking about how everything will be for a very long time! You will have put thought, time and money into every little bit of it, so when the day is done, when your dress is put away and your cake is eaten, your photography is how you will remember it all.

Therefore it is VERY important that your photographer understands your vision. I always have a meeting with my couples where they will explain their plans in fine detail, and then I ask my couples to set up a private Pintrest page and invite me in. As my couples collect images of their vision, I get little up dates, so I get to see exacly where you are coming from and then I can plan my days photography accordingly.

If you’d like to pop into the studio for a coffee and talk over any of your wedding photography fears- please give us a shout, we’d love to put your mind at rest!

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