Global Entrepreneurship Conference

The Global Entrepreneurship Conference- Inspiring Pink Link Ladies!

This week I was lucky enough to attend the North West Pink Link Ladies Global Entrepreneurship Conference (nicknamed GEW to save us all from getting tongue tied)! We were there exhibiting our wears and I thought it would be rather fun to collect some of the other business women that were there and find out what they were hoping to get out of the day. It was a great exercise, a great excuse to talk to lots of female entrepreneurs and find out about their business and how they juggle their entrepreneurial life with everything else. The variety in responses was really interesting and if I do this exercise again I will definitely arm myself with a lot more card!

Between the networking and the fabulous lunch, we enjoyed three very inspiring presentations to help us up our game.

Firstly we listened to Jean Atkinson of Eden Marketing who introduced us to the concept of ourselves as a brand.

With 17 years of international marketing experience to draw on, Jean teaches business owners and entrepreneurs the science of marketing and arms them with the marketing tool kit they need to do it themselves. She advised us to keep our message clear and simple, to stick to just one business for each networking group so we become known as an expert in that area. Great advice that makes so much sense!

Next up was Rachel Nixon of Excel Coaching who had us all addressing our inner demons to help us overcome our nerves.

Rachel coaches many SME businesses into success and in her presentation she introduced us to some surprising statistics about communication and how so much of it is down to our body language and the way we say something. She gave us some simple mind techniques to help us find our confidence in those nerve racking situations and improve our own communication.

Finally we listened to the inspiring success story of entrepreneur Ruth Thomas founder of Room 31. Ruth started her ladies fashion business on a market stall in Bury, to supplement her income she began experimenting with selling her clothes on Ebay. Quite by accident she discovered the power of social media, and through Twitter, Facebook and other platforms she has grown her business over the last three years from a market stall to a multi-million pound operation with a fantastic team of nine employees. Wow!

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